What You Will Learn

  • Complete logo design from scratch showing proper choice of fonts & color.

  • 2 very cool online tools to help you build a logo with many features.

  • How to put all these aspects we have talked about together in a beautiful design that portrays your brand.

  • Where to apply your logo (digital & print marketing) and why your brand needs to uniform across everything.

  • How to properly choose fonts & colors for a clear message.

  • The reasons behind why you need a logo and how to start thinking about your brand.

  • What a logo is supposed to do for you and how a great logo can change the game for your brand.

  • The science & psychology behind logos and how you can use emotion to pull customers to your brand.

  • How to position your products using your logo and get a better result when marketing.

  • The 8 types of logo styles & how to leverage them properly based on your business niche.


  • A computer
  • Internet connection
  • Willingness to learn


Hey guys welcome to The Beginners Guide to Logo Design & Branding! I am super excited to be bringing this material to the Spocket Academy. This course is designed to help a student with little to no experience in logo design. Each Lesson is based on a text form layout and has embedded video and the full lesson laid out so you can follow along as I talk about each topic. I know this course will allow you to really sit and think about how you want to represent your brand.

Learning to design and improving upon your already existing logo designs is one of the most important investments you can make in your dropshipping or eCommerce business. Creating logos isn't easy, especially when working with particular niches. I'm going to show you the few things you need to plan and execute a great logo for your brand. Knowing how to effectively map out your ideas will be the foundation on which you can craft extraordinary logos and bring something fresh to the table that your customers can't refuse. This is how you make customers happy, draw attention to your brand, build your client base, and potentially earn more money.

This course is for anyone wanting to learn how to make a great logo and the tools you need to make one.

Course curriculum

About The Instructor

  • Bryce Tempeny
    I am a 15 year veteran and entrepreneur in sales, marketing (print & digital, graphic design, web design & development, eCommerce design & development, experienced dropshipper, social media wizard, single dad, and all around great guy. I have multiple degrees in marketing, computer sciences, and graphic design. I also have certifications in Facebook, Instagram, Wix, Ffiver, and google. I am currently a Shopify expert and partner and love what i do.

    Bryce Tempeny

    Web Development Agency Owner