What You Will Learn

  • Create two beautiful stores from scratch

  • Design and customize a store that looks amazing

  • Use plugins to enhance your store's functionality

  • Set up Woocommerce from start to finish

  • Upload and configure products to your store

  • Create an amazing mobile experience

  • Choose the perfect name for your store

  • Create an attractive single page product hero

  • Create mega menus and navigation

  • Make beautiful and functional sliders

Course Requirements

  • No experience is required
  • A willingness to learn and study the lessons

Course Description

Set up beautiful and functional stores using WordPress and Woocommerce, in the space of just a few hours.  In this course, we build two amazing stores from scratch.

By the time you have completed the course, you will have two (or one if you prefer) stores fully set up, looking great, and ready to make sales!  Nothing is left out and you can follow along step-by-step.

Taught by an instructor with 15 years of experience with WordPress and 5 years experience of creating online stores.

Choose the perfect name for your store
Install and set up WordPress and Woocommerce
Set up payments, taxes, and shipping
Design and customize your store
Make amazing headers and sliders
Create mega menus
Create high converting 'product hero' pages
Create an attractive and functional sidebar
Set up a beautiful news or blog page
Customize the user account pages
Make a great shipping info page
Make a user friendly FAQ page
Tweak your store to improve loading speeds
And much more...

Even if you have no experience of WordPress or websites, or online stores, it doesn't matter because the course is designed so that even complete beginners can follow along.

Course Content

  • 02 The Basic Essentials
    6 Videos
  • 03 Woocommerce Installation
    4 Videos
  • 04 Installing the Theme
    4 Videos
  • 05 Payment & Tax Settings
    6 Videos
  • 06 Shipping Settings
    3 Videos
  • 07 Additional Woocommerce Settings
    4 Videos
  • 08 Customizing Your Store
    14 Videos
  • 09 Menus and Mega Menus
    4 Videos
  • 10 Adding Extra Categories & Pages
    13 Videos
  • 11 Attractive and User Friendly Product Pages
    3 Videos
  • 12 Everything Else!
    7 Videos
  • 13 Polishing the Store
    12 Videos
  • 14 Improving Site Speed
    3 Videos
  • 15 Store Number Two
    16 Videos

About The Instructor

  • Theo McArthur
    Theo McArthur has been involved in digital marketing since 1995 and in e-Commerce since 2013. To date, more than 78,000 students from all over the World have studied her online courses which include website creation, drop shipping, marketing, blogging, and selling on Amazon. “Teaching others to do what I do is very satisfying. Being able to help other people learn life-changing techniques and business models”. She’s also worked extensively in the field of affiliate marketing having built a number of authority blogs to successfully promote affiliate products. Theo’s first venture into e-Commerce was in the spring of 2013 when she started as an Amazon seller. The following year she began operating her own independent online stores. She now has a team of virtual assistants to take care of the daily business tasks so that she can free up time to help more people achieve success through her online classes.

    Theo McArthur

    Entrepreneur, Amazon Seller, Investor & Online Marketer