What You Will Learn

  • Automate emails into your best employee

  • Step-by-step email marketing strategy

  • Generate leads and sales while you sleep

  • Find out who your ideal customer is

  • Find customers who will buy anything you sell

  • Formulate the exact emails to excite your ideal customer

Course Requirements

  • No prior knowledge of email marketing
  • No fancy email marketing software or big email list size 
  • A willingness to learn a different way to market their online business
  • A commitment to set aside a few hours of time to go through the content and implement the strategies in their own email marketing campaigns

Course Description

Welcome to the Email Marketing for eCommerce Stores online course. 

I'm going to teach you, step-by-step, how to create an email marketing strategy that speaks directly to your ideal customer and increases your site leads and sales.  You don’t need any fancy email marketing software or a huge email list to be successful you just need to have the right strategy in place.

My name is Elle McCann and I’ve been a Shopify Expert for over five years and in that time have built over 150+ Shopify stores. I've seen firsthand the power email marketing can have on a business and it is my favorite way to build a following of raving fans who are ready to buy anything you sell. It only takes a little time up-front to set up your different automated email campaigns and then they will run for you on auto-pilot 24/7 and become your best employee.

As business owners we have to wear so many different hats every day and it feels like there is never enough time to get everything done. Just imagine being able to free up time instantly with automated emails that you set up once and they continue to bring in new potential customers for you and convert them into sales. All of this while being on auto-pilot!

At the end of this course you will have a clear understanding of who your ideal customer is and how to speak to them directly so that you can build a relationship with them and they know, like and trust you. Not only will you know how to speak to your potential customers to turn them into raving fans but you will also learn the exact emails you should be sending them so that they are excited to get your emails and you don't push them away or burn them out with too much content.

This course is designed for entrepreneurs who have an online business and who know they should be using email newsletters to grow their business but they don't know what to say or how to start. You don't need any fancy email marketing software to get started and you also don't need to already have a huge email list. All of the strategies used in this online course are great for businesses of any size and you only need a willingness to learn and implement them into your specific business.

Course Content

  • 01 Welcome to Email Marketing for eCommerce Stores
    0 Videos
  • 02 The Power of Email Marketing & the Importance of Knowing your Ideal Customer
    2 Videos
  • 03 How to Build your Email List Quickly
    3 Videos
  • 04 The Different Types of Emails You Should be Sending
    2 Videos
  • 05 Best Practices for Emails & Understanding your Reports
    2 Videos
  • 06 Your Next Steps for Email Marketing for your Business
    1 Video

About The Instructor

  • Elle McCann
    Elle McCann, owner and designer of Curious Themes web development studio, creates online classes that cover how to launch and grow Shopify stores quickly. She has been listed as a Shopify Expert for over five years and in that time has created over 150 Shopify stores. Elle is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs grow their online business without the overwhelm. She posts daily videos on her YouTube channel that currently has over 11,000 subscribers and is growing fast. Elle lives in Nashville, TN.

    Elle McCann

    Shopify Expert