What You Will Learn

  • How to build a converting squeeze page to add thousands of subscribers to your list instantly!

  • Step-by-step instructions on how to write a converting squeeze page copy

  • Discover how to include stunning graphics on your landing pages

  • Five proven & tested conversion tricks from top copywriters

  • Lean how you can build a squeeze page without having to pay for expensive copywriters

  • Two, free research tools that world class copywriters like Jay Abraham use

  • 3 amazing tools to build any types of landing page in less than 20 minutes

  • … and much more!

Course Requirements

Course Description

An effective landing page, also referred to as a squeeze page, is one that will create new leads and conversions for your business or website.

This course will show you exactly how to easily create a landing page that's concise, clear, and appealing to visitors.

Like other successful marketers, your new landing page could hit a 50%+ conversion rate, and this could result in greater profits and longevity for your company.

You'll learn how to build your own custom landing page in less than a day, and without having to pay expensive copywriters or web designers along the way.

Build, Design, and Write a Landing Page That Increases Conversions

  • Learn How to Build a Landing Page in Under One Hour
  • Improve Your Copywriting Skills to Write Content That Converts
  • Access the Best Resources for Affordable, Attractive Web Graphics
  • Master Conversion Hacks to Drastically Improve Conversion Rates

Use Your Landing Page to Boost Visitor Interest, Signups, and Sales

This step-by-step course will show you how to build a landing page from scratch so that you can accrue more email list subscribers and sell more products.

One of the most effective ways to get people to sign up for your email list is by offering them an incentive, known as a lead magnet. You'll learn how to determine what to offer, and how to offer it in a way that will garner attention.

In addition to building your squeeze page, you'll also tackle the best copywriting methods that are proven to work.

You'll even add attractive graphics that won't distract visitors, but will instead further incentivize signups.

Finally, you'll tackle five proven conversion hacks that will help you dramatically increase your landing page's conversion rate right away.

Contents and Overview

This course is designed for people of all experience levels, so it will begin with an overview of what a squeeze page is, including the major elements it must contain for the best results.

You'll also cover the importance of a lead magnet and work on creating one for your own website.

To develop stellar copy for your squeeze page, you'll learn how to research like a pro, and how to write headlines, subheaders, and a call-to-action that will attract and retain visitors.

To make your site look just as you envision, you'll discover the best places to acquire high quality graphics affordably.

You'll even learn the tools that make it possible to build your site in under 20 minutes.

Finally, you'll access five conversion hacks that you can implement right away to get a 50%+ conversion rate in no time.

As you move through the lessons, you'll be encouraged to put what you're learning into practice, so you can have a landing page ready to launch by the time you complete this course.

You'll be able to use your new skills to create a winning landing page for your business, and you'll know exactly how to get visitors to convert, whether you're searching for more sales or subscribers.

Who this course is for:
  • Beginner & intermediate marketers
  • Businesses of all sizes
  • Students in the process of establishing their first business
  • Students in the process of growing their email list

Course Content

  • 02 Section 2: Element #1 - The Lead Magnet
    3 Videos
  • 03 Section 3: Element #2 - The Squeeze Page Copy
    9 Videos
  • 04 Section 4: Element #3 - Stunning Graphics
    3 Videos
  • 05 Section 5: How To Build Your Landing Page In Less Than 20 Minutes
    3 Videos
  • 06 Section 6: Five Proven & Tested Conversion Hacks You Can’t Live Without
    7 Videos

About The Instructor

  • Sandor Kiss
    Hi, I'm Sandor, a passionate entrepreneur and performance marketer with ten thousands happy students. I am able to combine my biggest talents: entrepreneurship, marketing and teaching. My teaching philosophy is simple: I crafting trainings that I wish I had available to me when I started my first company to help you to transform your life and become a successful entrepreneur and marketer. As of today, I've sold more than 250,000 trainings, established multiple successful online businesses and coached hundreds of students.

    Sandor Kiss

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