What You Will Learn

  • Branding and user experience insights that you will use to design a beautiful Shopify store

  • How to prepare your photos, copy and other assets required to launch a premium branded site.

  • All the Shopify basics including products, collections, payments and shipping and settings.

Course Requirements

  • A Shopify Store

Course Description

  1. Learn how to professionally brand your site to give it a premium, agency-designed look and feel

  2. Differentiate your brand and products from the competition to converts more visitors into buyers

  3. Get In-depth knowledge of Shopify as an e-commerce platform.

What you’ll learn

All the Shopify  basics

  • How to choose and install the right theme for your store

  • Payment, shipping, tax and cart settings

  • Adding products and creating collections

PLUS how to effectively brand and differentiate your store

  • How to best structure your navigation

  • Different approaches to photography

  • How to incorporate video

  • How to structure product descriptions

  • How to use social proof to build instant credibility

  • How to leverage advanced features as your business grows

  • Why and when your might need multiple sites for your business

  • Extending shopify with a POS system

  • Expanding into other channels including wholesale, google shopping, etc.

Who this course is for:
  • Shopify store owners looking to upgrade the design of their store
  • E-commerce entrepreneurs just getting started with Shopify

Course Content

  • 01 Introduction
    2 Videos
  • 02 Principles of Branding for E-commerce Stores
    9 Videos
  • 03 Shopify Basics and Setting up Your Site
    10 Videos
  • 04 Designing Your Store Using Shopify Themes
    7 Videos
  • 05 Extending the Features of Your Shopify Store
    4 Videos

About The Instructor

  • Jeremy  Robinson
    I am Chief Marketing Officer at SoYoung, a brand of lifestyle bags and accessories that sells nearly $1,000,000/year in original products through our websites with nearly 50,000 active MailChimp email subscribers. I ran a digital agency for 13 years that worked with major brands on all aspects of online marketing including email marketing, website design and online advertising. I’m hired by numerous businesses as a consultant to help them more effectively market their products online.

    Jeremy Robinson

    Marketing Expert & CMO