What You Will Learn

  • Be able to track complicated funnels through various traffic sources regardless of website builder or tracking software.

  • Set up and thoroughly understand the importance of conversion tracking.


  • Be able to make basic changes to an existing website/funnel
  • Have access to ClickMagick and your website builder (using ClickFunnels in this course).

Text & media

The other sections are styled to help you create beautiful, high-converting pages. If you already know exactly what you want, use this section to add text, images, video, audio, etc. and build something completely custom. This is your sandbox — create what you want!

Course curriculum

  • 01 Introduction & Basics of Tracking
    4 Videos
  • 02 Beginner Tracking: Tracking Pixels
    5 Videos
  • 03 Tracking Your Links Through Main Online Marketing Services (Bing & Facebook Ads)
    6 Videos
  • 04 Intermediate Tracking: Postback URLs
    6 Videos
  • 05 Advanced Tracking: Front-End Funnel Tracking & Tracking Your Entire Funnel
    3 Videos

About The Instructor

  • Ivan Mana
    Hey! My name is Ivan and I have always been fascinated with online marketing and the flexibility it gives you to work for yourself. I have learned a ton during my time spent online and have actually quit my job being able to sustain myself on my online marketing income alone. Looking around the web, I haven’t seen many tutorials or blogs on the TECHNICAL aspects of online marketing, it’s mostly on theory, but I found that most people struggle with the technical parts and the actual ‘how-to’ of setting programs and platforms up. And of course, without even setting up the tools properly and knowing how to use them, you can’t succeed no matter how well you know the theory, assuming you are doing the projects yourself and not outsourcing.

    Ivan Mana

    Conversion Expert